Labour manifesto – Dr Matthew Ashton

Here’s what Dr Matthew Ashton, a politics lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, has to say about the Labour manifesto launch today.

“It’s unlikely that this manifesto is going to be an election changer. It’s dominated by the two key themes of social justice and fiscal responsibility, with the latter being essential in order to convince people of their ability to deliver the former. But it will be a much harder sell thanks to some very effective campaigning from the Conservatives over the last five years painting Labour as the party responsible for the recession.

“The big question is whether these policies will be enough to break the current poll deadlock. Miliband and Balls are attempting to persuade the public that they’re delivering something more than austerity-lite. It’s not so much the contents that are the problem but the fact that the public are now in a state where they’re highly sceptical of the ability of politicians to deliver anything they promise.”

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